Quilts Are Cool

23 Mar

That’s right, I said it…quilts are cool! Maybe it’s because I turned 40 last year, or maybe it’s because they are so darn cute, but I’m crazy about quilts these days. If you know me, you know I’m not a real crafty person. I’ve tried over the years to make random things like snowglobe ornaments, floral arrangements, felt wreaths and scrapbooking, but they’re just not for me. So you may be surprised that I’ve fallen in love with quilts! So much so that I’ve started to make my own. And I’ve astonished myself at how it’s turning out.



This particular block pattern is called Arkansas Crossroad and I found my inspiration at the Fussy Cut blog and the pattern here. I’m having a really fun time working with the pattern and I find it to be completely relaxing. I’ll post back periodically. I’m using just some really fun, vibrant colored fabrics along with the black essex. As a newby, I’d love your feedback for tips and tricks to quilting.

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Book Review: The Signature of All Things

30 Nov

Photo Credit Amazon.com

I belong to this amazingly fun book club with women from work. We meet once a month, eat, drink and discuss the book. Plus, I love to read, but it seems like I never have the time so belonging to a book club forces me to read the “book of the month.” For January, we chose The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, she’s the Eat, Pray, Love lady who in Signature has written a brilliantly entertaining novel base in Victorian times about a women named Alma.

I won’t spoil it for you here, but Alma was raised in a wealthy Philadelphia household. She has a love of knowledge and science, especially botanicals, which stems (no pun intended) from her fathers profitable plant and tree business. The book goes on to chronicle her life and how she discovers who she really is meant to be. There are some sad points in the book, touching on mental illness, lost love, sacrifice and selfishness. Of course, in the end there is self-redemption.

I definitely recommend this book as one for your own book club, or just to curl up with this winter.

View From My Hammock

29 May
'nuff said

’nuff said

I Heart OKC

19 May

This month marks two years since we’ve been in Oklahoma City and I must say it’s a pretty awesome place to live. The vibe is cool, food is delicious, folks are friendly and there’s something to do everyday of the year. Here you’ll find several of my favorite things to do and places to go in OKC.

Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball.  A serious NBA team that’s seriously fun to watch! Even though they are out of the playoffs this year, they are still an awesome team to watch and so glad they are in my city. KD and Westbrook rock the house!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and/or Run Lucky. In 2012 I went to the parade and it’s pretty awesome. Lots of fun and lots of green. This year I ran with my friend Stacie in the Run Lucky. The weather was freezing and I didn’t do so well in the run. BUT, there’ was FREE green beer at the finish line, so that kept me motivated. Plus, I got a pretty cool t-shirt and medallion. Gotta love this generation where you get a medal just for participating. I’d like to forget about the painful experience that was a blow to my fragile running ego.

Upper Crust Pizza where you must try the Farmer’s Market Salad. Yummy! Their pizza is amazing too, and I’m dying to get over there for happy hour someday. It’s a great casual, upwardly mobile restaurant.

The Outlet Shoppes of Oklahoma City where I go to find all my favorite shops like Ann Taylor Outlet, Banana Republic Outlet and Yankee Candle. I’m so frugal, that this a place where my dollars go further.

The Rink in Bethany. Oh my gosh this place is cool and fills my every vintage want and need. According to Oklahoma City local lore, this place used to be a skating rink. Now it’s a huge building with tons of antique dealer booths tempting the decorator within.

AMC at Penn Square Mall. They have just remodeled with large recliner seats. Cannot be beat! If the movie isn’t any good at least you can take a nap. It’s seriously more comfortable than my couch.

Remington Park Surf & Turf night with all-you-can-eat crab legs. My hubs ate his fair share. So here’s the deal. You get a Club Remington Membership, which is free and you’ll want it if you want to play the slots. It’s $16.99 and includes AYCE prime rib, shrimp, Alaskan snow crab, sides and bread. It is a must!

Cooking classes at Francis Tuttle. Okay, this is a new discovery for me. Francis Tuttle, a local vo-tech college offers community classes for a small fee. Last week I took Crockpot Crazy where I learned some new tips for my crock-pot. Plus, it reminded me of some of my own crock pot recipes. Some of the next classes on my list include Meatless Mondays, Knife Skills and Let Them Eat Pie.

As we roll into our third year in our fair city, I’m sure there will be much more for us to see and do…and we’re excited for the possibilites.

6 Mar

This Wife's Life:

An author that I respect. Really enjoyed The Alchemist! #lifechanging

Originally posted on Postcards from The Web:

I couldn’t resist sharing another one from Coelho’s blog. He has a new novel coming out April 2nd and I believe I know what I will be reading shortly thereafter. The link to the entry is below…

This one reminds me that it is who we are that matters only if we connect with where we are. Otherwise, we are narcissistic at the worst or selfish at the least. We must find home, wherever we roam, embrace it and find joy in it.

With that said, I miss the ocean…


Our village — Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

Our village


We were born alone and we will die alone. But, while we are on this planet, we must accept and glorify our act of faith through other people.

Community is life: from it comes our capacity for survival. That is how it was when we…

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Our Red Raider Game Day

28 Oct

We’ve had a really nice weekend despite the fact that our Texas Tech Red Raiders lost to the Kansas State Wildcats. Pretty much grazed our way through the day with chips, dips and ribs. Here’s the view.

View From the Couch

Sunday Funday

30 Sep

I sometimes I just want to shout out how much I love Oklahoma City. Today is one of those days.

My girlfriends and I went to Cafe Nova for brunch. I had heard how fabulous it was, and it didn’t disappoint. Basically you get free mimosa’s if you order a brunch entree. The orange juice and champagne concoctions were delicious…and I must say all half dozen or so went down smoothly. I ordered the SXSW Omelet, and although it was good…I was reminded that when I’m in a place as fun as Cafe Nova, I must order something a little more special. Like the French Toast with bananas, maple syrup and walnuts. Just sayin’.

Cafe Nova BrunchAfter we ate, we took the downtown home tour sponsored by Downtown OKC. Oh my gracious it was so much fun! It was a free event where we hopped a bus and checked out properties in the downtown OKC area. My favorite dwelling was at The Sieber. The property was so beautiful and well decorated. A baby grand piano sat in the living room with a spacious kitchen and plenty of seating to host several guests. We all left with so many great ideas!

Viva la Vintage

3 Sep

Skinflint, tight wad, cheapskate, thrifty, frugal, miser call me what you want, but this girl loves a good bargain! When I get an idea in my mind (or see one on Pinterest or in a magazine) I shop around until I find the best deal. In fact, I’ll even wait until I find the best deal PLUS use a coupon. I need therapy.

I also thrift shop at garage sales, estate sales and second hand stores. Mostly I’m hunting for vintage merchandise I can resell on my Etsy store or Ebay. Below, a picture of my goodies from this weekend.

Vintage Finds OKC

All this for less than $15

Here’s where it gets really twisted. I sell items online then the funds go to my PayPal Account where I turn around and save up for my latest obsession. Currently that includes decorating our house, which by the way I only need one big reading chair for the Master Bedroom and it’s complete…yay!

This week I bought two ashtrays, a decanter, a vintage scarf, 47 pieces of random tea sets for just $3, a Wonder Bread sandwich container, a Gense Swiss Stainless Tray and two beautifully etched depression glasses, which I’m keeping. Yea, I don’t sell EVERYTHING I find. Husband thinks this may be a problem. Huh?

Date Night

23 Aug

Tonight I had a first date! No, not that kind of first date. It was the First Date with the Arts Council of Oklahoma City held at the Farmer’s Market (one of my favorite venues). It was a really fun way to learn about volunteer opportunities with the organization while enjoying drinks and food donated by area restaurants like Brown’s Bakery and Schlotzskys. Brown’s served the best thumbprint cookies I have had since moving to the city, by the way. Additionally, several artistic performers were on stage throughout the evening including a clever improv troupe.

Here’s my number. Call me…maybe?

My name is Catherine and I’m a cookbook hoarder

22 Aug

Okay, I admit it. I’m a cookbook hoarder. I have tons of them and I can’t stop buying them. I love to look through them and find ideas. Ideas for my weekly menu, ideas for Thanksgiving dinner, ideas for birthday parties, ideas for tailgating, ideas for…meals I may never cook. But, I love it! Until the day I write my own cookbook, I’ll continue to hoard. Seriously, who am I kidding. The obsession won’t stop there.

I find them everywhere I can like garage sales and Half Price Books. Excitingly something I discovered last night were FREE online downloads of cookbooks. Of course, I began downloading and saving to my Google Documents. Guess what? I’m going to share a find with you.


Happy Cooking!

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